Friday, August 25, 2006

Rossmoor Bowl

Rossmoor Bowl, Los Alamitos (Rossmoor), CA.


After 44 years, Rossmoor Bowl took its last strike on April 30, 2006. By the end of July, the entire structure had been demolished. Yet another classic Googie 'BOWL' sign and zig-zag roof fall victim to nouveau riche bourgeois "progress" in Orange County.

The closure merited an article in the Orange County Register on May 1, 2006. [link]


Matterhorn1959 said...

Hey Mel...good first post. Welcome to the fun world of blogging.

wackplayer said...

Should have put up photos of the interior. (original layout, and the Cosmic Bowl mod.)

One with original lockers/daycare center (not the pro shop conversion)

Pics of the bar rooms.

Pics of stairwell and upstairs rooms.

If there is a way that I can put the map in my memory into a Secondlife map, that would be awesome.