Friday, January 19, 2007

Friendly Hills Bowl

Friendly Hills Bowl, Whittier, CA.

Above are both sides of Friendly Hills Bowl's beautiful marquee. The "O" has fallen off on both sides. The place certainly announces itself, from it's quiet nook across the street from Whitwood Mall. I can't believe there's a hair salon INSIDE the bowling alley.

There's this great boomerang shape that makes of the roof overhang of the entrance to the alley, and some great stonework that supports it. Oh, that Googie satisfaction of primordial man and modern technology. The perfect anachronism.

The Brush Script font which has become so cliche in today's design graces the side of the alley, with that classic Googie font spelling out "BOWL", all in lavender.

I fell in love with there light fixtures, which looked old enough in person to be original. The shape is oh so Googie, I just love it.

Friendly Hills Bowl
15545 E. Whittier Blvd.
Whittier, CA 90603
(562) 947-3815


Debbie V. said...

I, too, enjoy these "old" building, signs and features. I grew up in La Mirada during the 1955-1970 era and lived around Orange County during the 1970's. I hope someday the "magic" will come back to architecture and design.

rednoise said...

Cool to see this! I used to bowl here when I was a kid, was in a league, renting smelly shoes until I got my own and everything. Thanks for the memories!

cueball said...

I grew up all over O.C. My parents used to own a drapery cleaning shop called A&A Curtain Cleaners on N.Main in Santa Ana,you should take a picture of THAT sign! The buildings been there since 1945!My sister runs it now.Anyway, thanks for the fond memories of a time sadly gone-by.Keep up the way-cool work.P.S. I think I was mugged years ago in one of those seedy retro hotels you show from Anaheim.

boldorion said...

In the summer of 1960, there was a restaurant called Hoppe's that was located in the bowling alley, which still features a small eatery where one can purchase hamburgers and other such items.

Teresa Blankmeyer Burke said...

I used to get my hair cut at this place when I was a child! Thanks for the memories.