Thursday, October 05, 2006

South Side Market

South Side Market, Orange, CA.

I drive past this place at least four days a week, since I go to school at Chapman University. Noticed earlier this week that the $0.99 video rental sign was scrubbed off the windows, and pulled up earlier this week to snap a picture of the sign, just in case...

Turns out that I might have had a good idea. Things maybe aren't lookin' so good for South Side Market.

South Side Market
391 S Glassell St.
Orange, CA 92866


Clay Bethelbridge said...

Good pics of all the local places. Nice blog.

Unknown said...

My parents owned this store from 1965 through 1981. This store has many memories for me. It is sad to see it vacant now. There was once a meat market inside with friendly butchers that would cut meat for you. My parents delivered groceries to many little old ladies in the neighborhood. It was a small friendly mom & pop store where everyone knew people by name.

Gramcrackers said...

I see the South Side Market building has been rennovated and the refurbished new sign is up and lit at night. Very exciting for my neighborhood! Does anyone know when the market is due to open and whether there are plans for tables, chairs and perhaps coffee under the eves out front?

Unknown said...

Hope everyone is safe and sound.
Would you think about more updated high quality local and artisanal products at affordable neighborhood prices would do well?
We love the building and are considering such a store. Would love to hear your feedback.
Especially from "Unknown" whose family owned the place in the past.
Until then, take great care.
Hugh and Janine