Sunday, September 10, 2006

Thrifty Car Sales

Thrifty Car Sales (Harbor Motors), Costa Mesa, CA.

What a fun roof! But it's so dirty. They should hose that off.

Thrifty Car Sales
2640 B Harbor Blvd.
Costa Mesa, CA 92626


WEDfreak said...

I live across the street from this and they recently painted it, It used to be painted like a Big top circus(All Diffrent Colors) you would have really loved it then!!!

googiemel said...

See, this is why I DO this! If only I had shown up earlier to take a photo of the old roof! This is a kind of amateur preservation society, and I need help! Augh!

bitterlittleman said...

actually, I've lived in the area for over 40 years and can remember when this building was the garden department of the adjacent hardware store (originally family-run company called Kerm Rima). The "tent" was blue and white and I always read it to evoke a garden tent or a pavilion. While outrageous in its scale and context, it really did not have much to do with googie per se.

raj mangal said...

This is a affectionate of abecedarian canning society, and I charge help!
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